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Toronto interior design trends revolve around what makes the city unique from its other large North American counterparts. Two characteristics that make Toronto stand out from other major economic and cultural centers in North America are its weather and housing market. Toronto is extremely condo-focused, and also features long winters, which both influence the design choices made in the city.

Housing Market


Possibly the biggest influence on Toronto interior design trends is the continuing shift of the housing market away from single-family houses and towards condominium apartments. 2016 and 2017 were both record-breaking years for condo sales, with 29,132 units and 36,429 units sold respectively. This trend only seems to be consistent for 2018, meaning that designers will need to accommodate for this movement. Condo design features creative use of smaller spaces, such as multi-purpose furniture and moveable elements for different situations. This could include concepts such as murphy beds or extendable tables, which save space and simultaneously provide space for extra guests. Similarly, open concept spaces combine several rooms into a single multi-purpose space, keeping costs lower and leaving the condo more spacious.


Winter Weather


Bitter winters devoid of colour are commonplace in Toronto. Snow and slush can easily rob the city of colour and a sense of life, leaving designers to fill in this gap. For this reason, one of the top Toronto interior design trends of the coming year is bright colours. To contrast the cold and drab landscape outside, warm and bright colours can be used to spruce up the inside. This can be done through warm wood tones as a base component of the design, or as bright accents targeting single walls or accessory furniture items. Whichever way it’s done, a splash of colour can help bring a feeling of warmth and life back into your home.



All in all, Toronto interior design trends can help you design the perfect space for your city home, but nothing beats the opinion of an expert. Copper + Chocolate is a leading designer of residential spaces, and our team has extensive experience working with every element mentioned above. If you are looking to design a personal space, we would love for you to reach out and discuss. If you found this article useful or interesting, please feel free to share the link with others who would enjoy it!

Toronto Interior Design Trends 1

Toronto Interior Design Trends

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