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Greenview Residence Dining Room

Greenview Residence Dining Room

Greenview Residence is a seniors residence in Don Mills, run by Metta Lifestyles, that provides assisted living and long-term care options to its residents. We at Copper + Chocolate were tasked with renovating the Greenview Residence dining room from an ancient-looking brick interior to a classy, elegant design. Take a look at the transformation below:

Greenview Residence Dining Room (Old)



The brick and wood interior of the former Greenview Residence dining room was extremely dated, and while the plants might have added an element of nature to the space, it felt extremely dark and closed-off. Pillars and walls in the middle of the room separated the inside of the dining area from tables on the outside, creating a feeling of separation and isolation. Moreover, all the colours in the room clashed and interfered with each other, making for an unwelcoming and uninviting space.

Greenview Residence Dining Room (New)



Once Copper + Chocolate was finished with the renovations, the Greenview Residence dining room immediately sprung to life. With colourful, engaging art lining the walls and flower centerpieces at each table, the dining space became a warm and inviting room for social interaction and pleasant experiences. The new carpet and furniture pair well together and add to the bright feeling of comfort. Most importantly, the open concept of the new dining room eliminates the trapped feeling created by the pillars of brick and walls within the room.

Like what you see at the Greenview Residence dining room? Copper + Chocolate is a leading designer of retirement homes and residential spaces, and our team has extensive experience working with every element mentioned above. If you are looking to design a retirement home, we would love for you to reach out and discuss. If you found this article useful or interesting, please feel free to share the link with others who would enjoy it!

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